Radial Engineering Announces Acoustic Series Designation For Acoustic Instrument Preamps

Intended to make it easier for instrumentalists to identify Radial preamp models to meet their needs.
The Acoustic Series web page on the Radial Engineer site.

Radial Engineering has announced the new Acoustic Series designation for its family of preamps targeting acoustic instrumentalists, intended to make it easier for them to identify Radial preamp models to meet their needs.
“With the addition of the PZ Pro, we wanted to make it easy for our dealers and end-users to understand the range of features, benefits, and price points for our acoustic preamp family,” says Jay Porter, product manager at Radial. “The Acoustic Series designation does this by creating a single point of reference with regards to features/benefits and price points for all of Radial’s acoustic preamps.”

The Acoustic Series family flagship, the PZ-Pro, combines a two-channel instrument preamp, DI and switcher into a single unit. Each channel has a separate equalizer strip complete with a filter section to reduce feedback on stage. Three footswitches provide the ability to toggle between each input channel, activate a built-in booster and an effects loop, or mute the signal for silent tuning on stage.
The PZ-Pre is a two-channel acoustic instrument preamplifier with a versatile EQ and feedback control section and ample connectivity options. The AC-Driver is a compact acoustic instrument preamp designed for use on stage. A balanced DI output is provided to feed a PA or powered speaker. The AC-Driver also provides a mute footswitch for quick instrument changeovers. Finally, the PZ-Deluxe is an instrument preamp in a compact pedal for live stage use, equipped with tone-shaping EQ controls and built-in boost and mute footswitches.
Acoustic Series preamps are available through any authorized Radial Engineering retail outlet. Go here to find out more.
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