Radial Debuts New SW8-USB Auto-Switcher & USB Interface At 2019 NAMM Show

Streamlined solution for employing redundant playback systems on stage.

Introduced at the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, the new Radial SW8-USB is designed as a streamlined solution for employing redundant playback systems on stage.

Dual USB inputs allow connecting directly to primary and backup computers, providing eight channels of quality audio.

The SW8-USB is a solution for performances that utilize redundant playback systems for backing tracks, combining two built-in USB interfaces with an auto-switching function that detects dropouts and switches to the backup computer in an instant.

The dual USB inputs with separate 24-bit/192 kHz converters allow two computers to be connected in tandem, so digital workstations on both machines can connect to the SW8-USB as an audio and MIDI interface.

Start/stop synchronization is also possible between both computers through MTC, ensuring seamless switching between playback rigs with less equipment.

Connect the balanced analog outputs to the PA system and engage the auto-switch mode to instantly switch to the backup system should an error occur. An optional JR-2 footswitch can be employed to manually switch between the inputs or put the SW8-USB into standby mode between songs.

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