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QSC Receiving Technology And Engineering Emmy Award For Q-SYS Platform

Platform's engineering team recognized for its impact in television production and technology.
Some of the devices that operate within the Q-SYS ecosystem.

QSC has announced that its Q-SYS Development team will receive a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for its work on the Q-SYS audio, video and control ecosystem.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will honor Q-LAN network media distribution technology, specifically, in the category of “Development of Synchronized Multi-Channel Uncompressed Audio Transport over IP Networks” at the 71st Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy awards ceremony this April in Las Vegas in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

Key developers of Q-LAN include Derek Lieb, Gert Rosenboom and Jeff Evanson, as well as the rest of the original Q-SYS team, including Rich Zwiebel, John Britton, John Dunn and David Kessner.

Q-LAN is the native protocol suite for audio and video distribution as well as device discovery, synchronization, control and management for Q-SYS. It’s a collection of open, IT-standard protocols and solutions designed to allow Q-SYS to integrate with a modern IT networking infrastructure. Able to work on either stand=alone or converged IT networks, Q-LAN leverages standard network switches to ensure real-time audio delivery and synchronicity of media steams across all connected Q-SYS devices.

“QSC would like to thank the Academy for this prestigious honor,” states Jatan Shah, executive vice president, chief operating and technology officer, QSC. “Our team of talented engineers saw the potential to develop a ubiquitous technology that could transform digital audio transport. We knew we had something quite unique, and we are ecstatic to see its profound impact on the way people design, build and interact with AV systems today. Congratulations to our Q-LAN development team for this well-deserved recognition.”


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