QSC Opens New Training Center In Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Training Center provides hands-on learning environment with courses focused on the Q-SYS Platform, Q-SYS Level 2 and Q-SYS Control 201.

QSC announces the opening of its Boulder Training Center in Boulder, CO. This modern facility provides a hands-on learning environment to deliver QSC ecosystem training to integrators, programmers, consultants and end users.

“Training is one of the most effective ways QSC connects with its customers. We have worked hard to create best-in-class training opportunities that are interactive, fun and accessible,” says Patrick Heyn, director of marketing, QSC Systems. “Furthermore, this new training facility is mere footsteps away from our Q-SYS development team, which has allowed us to incorporate Q-SYS product managers and engineers as adjunct professors. This presents a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about Q-SYS straight from the people developing the platform roadmap.”

The Boulder Training Center currently offers courses focused on the Q-SYS Platform, including Q-SYS Level 2 and Q-SYS Control 201; however, this facility’s flexible design allows for future training sessions across other QSC products to be rolled out later next year.

Each student works on a full Q-SYS workstation, including the latest Q-SYS Core processors and peripherals, along with common third-party devices, allowing students to develop real-world AV&C systems. All QSC online and classroom training is offered to students free-of-charge.

The center will also be used as one of many virtual training hubs for “Train-the-Trainer” programs. Partners will learn to deliver standardized QSC curriculum in an effort to ensure all customers receive the same learning experience worldwide.


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