QSC Offering Rebates Up To $150 On RMX, PLX2 & HPR Series

QSC Audio is now offering rebates of up to $150 on three of its premium product series, including HPR Series self-powered loudspeakers and PLX2 and RMX Series power amplifiers. (Click here to go directly to the QSC rebate page.)

The HRP Series of self-powered loudspeakers feature a power module designed with the same top-quality components and rigorous standards of every QSC amplifier. All signal processing – crossover frequencies and slopes, EQ transfer functions, phase corrections and limiting – can be precisely tailored, and the HPR Series protects itself through the use of active Multi-Band Limiting that detects excess level at each amplifier channel before clipping occurs, with dynamic peak limiting then applied to the overall signal.

The PLX2 Series is a range of premium quality, high-power amplifiers designed for the most demanding live performance uses. Built on the third generation of QSC PowerLight technology, PLX2 amplifiers combine light weight, superlative audio quality and proven QSC reliability. With power ratings up to 3,600 watts, PLX2 amplifiers are capable of providing plenty of clean, undistorted output to the most power hungry speaker systems.

The RMX Series delivers true studio-quality sound. A full complementary output circuit using the highest-grade linear output devices delivers ultra-low distortion (

<0.05% THD) and a ruler-flat frequency response. SMT (Surface Mount Technology) triples small-signal component density, enabling us to pack up to 2400 watts of power in a chassis only 2 rack spaces and less than 16" deep. And unlike other designs, RMX output devices are direct-mounted to the heat sink for optimum thermal coupling and cooling.

All of these products are backed by QSC’s free 6-year warranty (with online registration).

The QSC rebate offer is valid on purchases made in the U.S. and is open to U.S. residents only. Further, valid models must be purchased from November 1, 2008 through January 31, 2009.

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