QSC Launches Firmware v3.0 For TouchMix-30 Pro Digital Mixers

New version adds Scenes, Snapshots and Cue Lists management functionalities; also supported by an updated TouchMix Control app for iOS and Android devices.

QSC has announced the introduction of the new firmware v3.0 update for the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer platform, adding Scenes, Snapshots, Cue List management and offline editing functionalities.

Scenes provide the user with the ability to store and recall the entire mixer configuration, while Snapshots allow the user to save and recall selected settings for designated channels without affecting other mixer settings. Cue Lists select and arrange Scenes, Snapshots and audio files into a predetermined sequence for recall during a show, while offline editing provides the user with the ability to create and edit mixer configurations without the mixer being connected to Wi-Fi.

Previous TouchMix-30 Pro firmware updates added features such as two independent 24-channel, gain-sharing Automatic Microphone Mixers, Custom Fader Banks and the capability to interface with certain third-party external motorized fader control surfaces.

“From the start, our vision for the TouchMix Series was to bring ‘big console’ features to users in the form of an easy-to-use, compact package,” states Jon Graves, QSC mixer product manager. “These new enhancements give our users an unprecedented array of professional features, tools and functions that simply don’t exist in other products close to this price point. Plus, the ability to deliver these enhancements to existing users at no additional cost demonstrates our continued commitment to supporting and helping our customers achieve exceptional results with their QSC investment.”

The TouchMix-30 Pro provides 32 mixing channels (24 Mic/Line, 6 Line, Stereo USB) and 16 outputs for tremendous signal management flexibility. It incorporates Class-A microphone preamplifiers, Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards, two real-time analyzers (RTA), patch matrix, 32-channel direct-to-external-drive recording and DAW interface with macOS and Windows computers.

The v3.0 firmware release is also supported by an updated TouchMix Control app for iOS and Android devices that’s designed to provide further enhancements to the remote control experience. Go here for more specifics on the TouchMix-30 Pro.