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QSC CP Series Loudspeakers Join Rentex AV Rental Portfolio

One of the largest wholesale renters of gear in the U.S. adds 200 CP12 powered loudspeakers.
Some of the new QSC CP12 loudspeakers that have joined the Rentex inventory.

Rentex, one of the largest wholesale renters of audio-visual equipment in the U.S., recently added 200 QSC CP Series CP12 compact powered loudspeakers to its inventory.

“We house and maintain a very large inventory with the goal of augmenting our clients’ inventories,” explains director of technology Ken Carmichael. “We can have gear at any location across the country very quickly, especially if it’s near one of our warehouses. When it’s returned, we clean, inspect, and bench-test every piece to make sure it performs as new before it goes out again. QSC has been a huge asset to us in maintaining this level of service.”

Sound quality was one of the first things that attracted Rentex to the CP12, according to director of sales Rob Garvey. “Prior to this purchase we were renting out a compact, 12-inch, two-way active speaker made by another manufacturer,” Garvey says. “In a side-by-side comparison, the CP12 sounded noticeably better than the other brand Our assessment was that they sounded more musical than what we were accustomed to with other models.”

Garvey also sites the CP12’s durability as a defining factor. ‘The QSC K10 speakers we’ve owned for years have been exceptionally reliable and seem to be indestructible,” he notes. “So we knew that QSC wouldn’t put their name on the CP Series if it didn’t live up to the same standard.”

And, the CP-12 weighing in at 30.3 pounds (13.7 kg) proved key in the buying decision as well. “Every non-essential pound in a speaker is money out of our pocket every time it goes on a truck,” Garvey notes. “The CPs were significantly lighter than other competitor’s product, by about 12 pounds. That really helps our bottom line.”


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