QSC Announces Release Of New Tunings For E Series Passive Loudspeakers

Amplifier Navigator 2.2.5 and GXD Firmware Updater offer advanced DSP settings via GXD and PLD power amplifiers

QSC has released new software and firmware for its GXD and PLD amplifiers to support the new E Series range of passive loudspeakers.

Amplifier Navigator 2.2.5 and GXD Firmware Updater offer the advantages of next-generation DSP settings to optimize the level of performance as part of an E Series Entertainment System.

“The E Series range of loudspeakers have been so well-received by our customers that it’s pretty hard to imagine actually improving their performance,” says Dale Sandberg, senior product manager, QSC. “But with the deployment of these new advanced DSP tunings, a system of E Series loudspeakers paired with GXD or PLD power amplifiers offers a complete entertainment solution that delivers performance far beyond expectations.” 

Amplifier Navigator V2.2.5 adds the E Series range of loudspeakers to its library of speaker profiles. In addition to loudspeaker tunings, the software enables a user to remotely control and monitor all functions of CXD and PLD amplifiers, including the on-board DSP functionality and amplifier configuration.

It also provides a mechanism to create, store and recall presets and loudspeaker profiles to and from the PC or Mac. Users can upload specific profiles to connected amplifiers and enable amplifier cloning – well-suited for multi-function racks with duplicate amps. In addition, it provides for firmware management – if the user connects one or more amplifiers to a computer running Amplifier Navigator, the firmware will be updated to the latest release.

The new GXD Firmware Updater software adds new E Series presets to the GXD operating system, with various settings for each model. Presets include are E10: Stereo E10, Stereo E10 + Sub, Stereo E10 Dance + Sub, E10 Monitors; E12: Stereo E12, Stereo E12 + Sub, Stereo E12 Dance, Stereo E12 Dance + Sub; E15: Stereo E15, Stereo E15 + Sub, Stereo E15 Dance, Stereo E15 Dance + Sub; E18: Stereo E18 Subwoofers.

E Series loudspeakers, released earlier this year, are designed for sound reinforcement in entertainment applications such as live performance, DJ and dance music, karaoke and stage monitoring and production. The series includes four models, with the top-boxes incorporating QSC’s DMT (Directivity Matched Transition), designed to deliver uniform frequency response across the entire coverage area.

The company also states that a software release for TouchMix Series compact digital mixers with DSP settings for the E Series will be available in the future.


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