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The two new models joining the Q-SYS AcousticDesign Series of loudspeakers.

Q-SYS Extends AcousticDesign Series To Address Challenging Spaces

New AD-C6T-HC is designed for high ceilings or reverberant spaces while the new AD-C6T-HP offers higher SPL at standard ceiling heights.

Q-SYS has announced the debut of two new AcousticDesign Series 6.5-inch two-way ceiling-mount loudspeakers offering higher-power handling for more challenging environments.

The AD-C6T-HC is designed for high ceilings or reverberant spaces such as ballrooms, airports, atriums and lobbies while the AD-C6T-HP offers higher SPL at standard ceiling heights such as restaurants, retail spaces and larger meeting facilities.

The AD-C6T-HC and AD-C6T-HP offer the same aesthetic design as well as the same tonal quality as the rest of the AcousticDesign portfolio to allow users to mix-and-match between form factors. In addition to the blind-mounting, integrators utilizes Q-SYS Intrinsic Correction to simplify the tuning process with custom Q-SYS loudspeaker voicings via the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video, and control platform.

“We designed these new loudspeakers to address specific pain points integrators experience when looking to deliver the best audio experience in those more challenging spaces,” says Daniel Saenz, product manager, amplifiers & installed ooudspeakers, Q-SYS. “Built as a variant of the popular AD-C6T, the two models are a natural addition to the AcousticDesign Series and give users more options and flexibility to fine-tune their environment.”

Go here for more specifics on the AD-C6T-HC and here for more on the AD-C6T-HP.


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