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PWS Now Shipping Alpha Series Quad Distro Units

New Alpha Quad-4 and Quad-8 from Professional Wireless Systems designed for use with multiple Shure Axient AD4Q receivers in Quadversity mode.

Orlando-based Professional Wireless Systems’ Alpha Quad-4 and Alpha Quad-8 units are now available. The announcement was made by Justin Van Winkle, production manager for Professional Wireless Systems.

The Alpha Quad-4 and Quad-8 are designed for use with multiple Shure Axient AD4Q receivers in Quadversity mode. The units provide four individual unity-gain signals (A, B, C, D) to up to four, or eight, quad receivers (depending upon unit), with RF filtering at 470-616 MHz. Power is supplied to the units with either the main or the aux inputs. Redundant power is provided by utilizing both main and aux inputs.

“The Alpha Quad distros serve as the ‘head end’ for the receive antenna system,” explains Van Winkle. “Four antennas can be connected to the rear-panel input connections. The RF signals are then filtered, amplified and split into four (Quad-4), or eight (Quad-8), outputs per unit.”

The Alpha Series is made up of products designed to provide users the same durability and reliability that Professional Wireless products are known for, with the features necessary to get simple jobs done smarter and more efficiently – at a price point that fits everyone’s budget. The Quad distros are invaluable to users of the Shure Axient digital microphone system everywhere.

“The Alpha Series products fill a need in the industry,” concludes Van Winkle. “The Alpha Series is a cost-effective product line that offers the features users need every day without the expensive bells and whistles. We will continue to expand the Alpha Series in the coming months.”

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