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PSW Top 5 Articles For November 2017

The five most-read articles featured on ProSoundWeb for the month of November, plus some recommendations from the editor...

ProSoundWeb presents at least two feature articles every day of the working week, meaning that there are 40-plus long-form articles highlighted each and every month.

That’s a lot. In fact, so much so that we like to present a round-up of the most-read articles for those who might have missed at least some of them the first time around.

What follows is the top 5 most-read articles on PSW for the month of November 2017. Note that since the articles aren’t all posted at the same time, we apply the same timeframe (length of time) for each when measuring total readership.

Also note that immediately following the Top 5, PSW editor Keith Clark offers some additional suggestions of recently published articles worth checking out. These articles also scored quite well in terms of readership but were just outside the head of the list.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 5 articles on PSW in November:

1 — Acoustic Transmission
Part 1 of an ongoing series on the fundamentals of audio. By Bob McCarthy

2 — Radio Interference (Really?!)
Adventures with both creative and excitable individuals. By Ike Zimbel

3 — Winning Over Musicians
Ways to work effectively with musicians in church sound. By Chris Huff

4 — Organizing Session Files
Tips to keep things running smoothly when the track count climbs. By Nicholas Springer

5 — Innovation & Improvement
The latest developments in earset and headset microphones. By Gary Parks

Editor Recommendations:

Pay It Forward, Pay It Back
The importance of a guild system approach now and for the future. By Karl Winkler

Fixing Acoustic Issues
Can digital room correction fix all problems… or is acoustic treatment necessary as well? By Joe Gilder

The Great Church Sound Balancing Act
It’s amazing how fast you can lose sight of boundaries that should be kept sacred. By Andrew Stone

Same & Different
Bridging the gap between touring and installed systems. By Craig Leerman






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