PSW Top 5 Articles For November 2015

ProSoundWeb presents at least two feature articles every day of the working week, meaning that there are 40-plus long-form articles highlighted each and every month.

That’s a lot. In fact, so much so that we got to thinking that it would be handy to present a round-up of the most-read articles for those who might have missed at least some of them the first time around.

Here we kick off with the top 5 most-read articles on PSW for the month of November 2015.

Note that since the articles aren’t all posted at the same time, we apply the same timeframe (length of time) for each when measuring total readership.

Also note that immediately following the top 5, PSW editor Keith Clark offers some additional suggestions of recently published articles worth checking out. These articles also scored quite well in terms of readership but were just outside the head of the list.

Without further adieu, here are the top 5 articles on PSW in November.

1. The Best Place To Put Subwoofers? “Subwoofers should be located on the floor if at all possible.” This is one of those classic bits of audio “conventional wisdom.” But is it true? By Jerrold Stevens

2. Wiring The Stage Efficiently & Safely. Improper wiring of a stage makes for more work overall, in addition to making it difficult to trace faulty cables that may arise, and more. This is the way I was taught years ago… By Alex Fernie

3. Take Our Stage Monitoring Quiz. 20 questions about stage monitoring and related issues that are subjective and largely intended for entertainment purposes – better known as fun. By PSW Staff

4. The Tradecraft Of Recording Vocals. Dividing the process of recording vocals, one of the most important things in pop music production, into activities in two spaces: what goes on in the studio area and what’s required in the control room. By Barry Rudolph

5. Living With Sound. Or “what I learned from a cheap spectrum analyzer app.” Gaining an education about sound, along with a new perspective, for six bucks. By Kerrie Mondy

Editor Recommendations

Wireless On The Road. A day in the life of a veteran RF technician on the road with a large-scale concert tour. By Ike Zimbel

IEM Fundamentals & Hearing Conservation. In-ear monitoring presents a lot of benefits, but does it really protect hearing? An in-depth discussion. By Mark Frink with Michael Santucci, Au.D.

10 Technical Skills Every Church Sound Tech Should Know. Members of the Church Soundcheck (CSC) discussion board offer key technically oriented skills that a church sound tech must have (or strive for). By Curt Taipale

Microphones Of The Past. A true recording engineering legend discusses microphone design, technology, and application, along with some need-to-know history and personal stories. By Bruce Swedien

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