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PSW Top 20 Most-Read Articles Of 2018

A year-end countdown of the 20 most-read new articles on PSW in 2018.

As we turn the page on 2018, over the course of this week we’ll be presenting the 20 new articles that were the most-read over this past year on ProSoundWeb, culminating with the Top 5 next Monday.

Note that numerous classic articles, many posted years ago on PSW, remain perpetually popular, usually as important reference sources. As a result, they continue to draw strong readership year after year.

Here we’re presenting the articles posted within this calendar year that have drawn the most readership, and we’re sure that many of them too will continue to be among the most-read for years to come.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 20 articles on PSW for 2018, sponsored by Renkus-Heinz. Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

Most-Read Articles #20 – #16 (Posted Wednesday, December 26)

#20. Location, Location
Loudspeaker and microphone placement essentials.
By Mike Sokol

#19. Why Does The Tech Crew Wear Black?
A few seemingly logical reasons for the “ninja” wardrobe.
By M. Erik Matlock

#18. The Right Stuff
The keys to success in the role of an A1.
By Craig Leerman

#17. All Wrapped Up
A treasure trove of advice about cable and interconnect.
By PSW Staff

#16. Keeping It Real
Psychoacoustics in in-ear monitor mixing
By Becky Pell

Most-Read Articles #15 – #11 (Posted Thursday, December 27)

#15. The McCartney Check
A mental approach that can impact your physical work at every gig.
By Jonah Altrove

#14. In The Hot Seat
The interesting life and times of monitor engineer Bruce Danz.
By Phil Garfinkel

#13. Learning Mixing For Musicals
Designing and operating a large-scale musical while expanding the mix experience.
By Kirsty Gillmore

#12. Up In The Air
Factors contributing to how sound behaves in the great outdoors.
By Andy Coules

#11. The Must-Have-It Tools Of The Trade
Our panel of veteran audio professionals discuss their “desert island” gear choices.
By PSW Staff

Most-Read Articles #10 — #6 (Posted Friday, December 28)

#10. More Minding The Gap
Delving further into inverted stack cardioid subwoofer configurations.
By Merlijn van Veen

#9. Sonic Restomod
Retrofitting a classic loudspeaker with modern technology.
By Bernie Broderick

#8. Mixing For The Boss
Dealing with unsolicited (and usually unhelpful) advice at FOH.
By Jim Yakabuski

#7. Flat Or Tilted?
A variety of approaches to the system tuning process.
By PSW Staff

#6. A Tuning “Standard”?
A discussion of system performance consistency.
By Jim Yakabuski

Most-Read Articles #5 — #1 (Posted Monday, January 31)

# 5. Bang On The Drum All Day
A wide range of tips to optimize the kit in the mix.
By PSW Staff

#4. Mixing Or Mastering?
Reflections on a changing paradigm for live engineers.
By Ales Stefancic

#3. How To Disappear Completely
My year of working without corrective EQ.
By Chris Mitchell

#2. Friends In Low Places
Looking at the principles behind cardioid subwoofer arrays.
By Michael Lawrence

#1. Why Wait?
The where, how and why of delay loudspeakers.
By Mike Sokol

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