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PSW Top 20: Most-Read Articles Of 2016

A year-end countdown of the 20 most-read articles on PSW in 2016.
PSW Top 20 presented by Renkus-Heinz

As we turn the page on 2016, we’re happy to present the 20 articles that were the most-read over this past year on ProSoundWeb.

Note that some of the articles that delivered top results over the past 12 months were actually written and posted over a year ago, but they continue to prove of high interest and value to our worldwide readership.

In addition, some very popular articles posted more recently have not had as much time to accumulate traffic as others that have been posted for a longer period of time. We suspect you’ll see some of those fine articles on next year’s list.

All of the top 20 for 2016 are now listed below. Enjoy.

Most-Read Articles #20 – #16

#20: Watching The Signal Flow
In sound reinforcement systems, distribution is everything.
By Barry McKinnon

#19: The World Of Splits
Passing live audio to simulcast, stream, broadcast, and record.
By Gary Parks

#18: The Way Forward
Getting the gig, earning repeat business, building a career and more.
By Nicholas Radina

#17: Re-Amplification Techniques
Being a mad scientist in bringing “dead” tracks back to life.
By Scotty O’Toole

#16: Console Organization
Making things easy to find, easy to control, and easy for the next person.
By Chris Huff

Most-Read Articles #15 – #11

#15: Optimizing Reverb Decay
Timing to the pulse of the track helps the mix sound a lot smoother.
By Bobby Owsinski

#14: Where Things Stand
Looking at the current and future landscape of the RF/wireless world.
By Gary Parks

#13: Loudspeaker Advancement
Part 1 in a series on the evolution of large sound system optimization.
By Bob McCarthy

#12: Hum & Awe
Identifying and correcting troublesome noises in sound systems.
By Mike Sokol

#11: It’s All About The Bass
Evolution, facts and theories about the low end of the spectrum.
By Andy Coules

Most-Read Articles #10 – #6

#10: Analog To Digital Conversion
The sampling process can be viewed in a number of different ways.
By Nigel Redmon

#9: Is Sound Subjective?
A wide-ranging discussion in the context of worship audio.
By Mike Sessler

#8: Gig Savers
Key interconnect and test tools (and more!) that make it all work.
By Craig Leerman

#7: Foolproof Festival Patch
“Why not put the mics where the people are going to end up?”
By Ike Zimbel

#6: Sonic Atmosphere
The speed of sound in air and clearing up popular misconceptions.
By Merlijn van Veen

Most-Read Articles #5 – #1

#5: Team Effort
A musician’s guide to getting the most from live sound engineers.
By Andy Coules

#4: Charting The Mix
Going under the hood of a pop song to analyze what’s really happening.
By Jonah Altrove

#3: Working With What You Have
Getting the most out of whatever system elements are available.
By Craig Leerman

#2: RF FAQ
Successfully collaborating with a wireless frequency coordinator and more.
By Ike Zimbel

#1: Time & Phase Alignment
Going inside one of the principal concepts of system optimization.
By Bob McCarthy

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