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PSW Top 20: Most-Read Articles Of 2014

A countdown of the 20 most-read articles on PSW in 2014, plus the all-time top 5!

As we turn the page on 2014, we’re happy to present the 20 articles that were the most-read over this past year on ProSoundWeb, based upon total page views.

Note that some of the articles that delivered top results over the past 12 months were actually written and posted over a year ago, but they continue to prove of high interest and value to our worldwide readership.

In addition, some very popular articles posted more recently have not had as much time to accumulate traffic as others that have been posted for a longer period of time. We suspect you’ll see some of those fine articles on next year’s list.

Without further adieu, here are the top 20 articles on PSW for 2014.

Most-Read Articles #20 – #16 (Posted Wednesday, December 24)

#20: Ghost In The Machine: Phantom Power
By Bruce Bartlett

#19: loud, Loud, LOUD
By Dave Rat & Keith Clark

#18: Pursuit Of Perfection: Concert Sound For Steely Dan’s Summer Tour
By Mark Frink

#17: All The World’s A Stage… But Does It Need Sound Reinforcement?
By Bob McCarthy

#16: Perception Is Reality: Psychoacoustics From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective
By Todd Hartmann

Most-Read Articles #15 – #11 (Posted Friday, December 26)

#15: Too Loud? Maybe Volume Isn’t The Reason
By Karl Winkler

#14: Do You Speak Geek? The Unique Language Of Audio Analysis
By Pat Brown

#13: Playing With The Click—Advice From A Top Session Drummer
By Bobby Owsinski

#12: Top 10 Tips For Mixing In-Ear Monitoring
By Mark Frink

#11: Special Report: The State Of Production Audio Wireless
By James Stoffo

Most-Read Articles #10 – #6 (Posted Monday, December 29)

#10: Trends & Norms: New Developments In The World Of Digital Consoles
By Craig Leerman

#9: RE/P Files:The Coming Of Age For The Once-Maverick Touring Sound Business
By David Scheirman

#8: Studio Compression: When, Why To Use Slow & Fast Attack Times
By Joe Gilder

#7: Church Sound: What Four Wireless Mistakes Are You Making?
By Chris Huff

#6: Mixing Chicago Live In The 1970s
By Mike Stahl

Most-Read Articles #5 – #1 (Posted Tuesday, December 30)

#5: Church Sound: IEM Mixing For Worship
By Kent Margraves

#4: Church Sound: Eighteen Live Audio Mixing Tips & Tricks
By Chris Huff

#3: 30 For 30: Lessons Learned From Years Of Tuning Sound Systems
By Bob McCarthy

#2: Moving Air: Inside Subwoofer Designs & Configurations
By Craig Leerman

#1: A Useful Tool: Creating & Applying FIR Filters
By Pat Brown

All-Time Top 5 Most-Read Articles (Posted Wednesday, December 31)

#5: Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Mix Right Now
By Karl Winkler

#4: The Mighty Kick Drum Mic: A Love Affair With Channel One
By Mark Frink

#3: In The Studio: Microphone Techniques To Get Great Electric Guitar Sound
By Barry Rudolph

#2: In The Studio: EQ And Compression Techniques For Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
By Cliff Goldmacher

#1: How To Build Your Own Plate Reverb: A Concise Step By Step Process
By Bob Buontempo

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