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Prosound Turns To Martin Audio For Two Distinct Projects In Albania

ADORN series loudspeakers for the new Grand Bar in Tirana and BlacklineX series at seasonal holiday beach resort in Dhërmi.
The Grand Bar in Tiara, Albania is equipped with Martin Audio ADORN series loudspeakers.

Prosound, Martin Audio’s Albanian distributor, recently carried out two diverse installations of the manufacturer’s loudspeakers — a new urban bar in Tirana, the Albanian capital and a seasonal holiday beach resort in Dhërmi, in the southwest of the country.

The Grand Bar is located on the premises of the recently reconstructed Air Albania Stadium. Prosound had already worked with the same owners on another bar of the same name. “The owners were looking for a sound system that could function both as a background and foreground system, with even distribution,” explains Prosound technical director Endrit Veleshnja.

Containing an inside room with around 70 capacity as well as an outdoor terrace, the bar trades all day through until 11 pm, with Prosound implementing ADORN series loudspeakers for their ability to function at both low and high levels (the latter when a DJ performs on special occasions).

Specifically, the system employs eight ADORN A55s combined with a pair of SX110 subwoofers for the indoor room, with a further three ADORN A55s installed on the terrace. The compact passive 2-way loudspeakers offer 110- x 80-degree dispersion and are stated to produce 113 dB peak output at 1 meter with frequency response down to 65 Hz.

The temporary BlacklineX set-up at the Dhërmi resort hotel was for the length of the summer season—a status that will repeat next season. The venue comprises a restaurant and an adjacent covered beach bar zone.

Prosound already had a relationship with these clients as well, and had recently fitted Martin Audio loudspeakers into LOST & Tema in Tirana, also under the ownership of Filip Fermanis. In fact, the house technician at the latter relocating the system from LOST to the beach resort (since it doesn’t operate during the summer season in Tirana).

The loudspeakers were flown from a temporary wooden ceiling structure using M8 inserts. Four Blackline X15 and four X210 subwoofers were deployed in the beach bar and four X8 in the restaurant area.

Veleshnja concludes, “We find that ADORN is one of our best sellers in its class. The enclosures are compact, it delivers quality sound and sufficient SPL to meet customer requirements in a wide range of installations. It was the obvious solution for the Grand Bar.

“As for Dhërmi, once again it made perfect sense to rerig the BlacklineX system from LOST, while that venue was closed. The relocation provided the owner with a potent system to entertain the many tourists who visit this popular resort.”

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