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ProductionOne Deploys Alcons Audio LR18 Arrays For Alison Krauss Shows

ProductionOne utilizes recently acquired Alcons gear in support of noted bluegrass artist and her band.
Alison Krauss and Union Station performing with support by ProductionOne's Alcons Audio arrays.

Memphis-based ProductionOne is supplying its recently acquired Alcons Audio LR18 pro-ribbon line arrays for live shows by multiple Grammy winner Alison Krauss and her band, Union Station.

Founded almost 20 years ago, ProductionOne has grown steadily into a full-service production company serving a range of events in the live concert, touring and corporate markets. In 2019, the company’s management team wanted to invest in a new sound reinforcement system, and was introduced to Alcons Audio at the 2019 InfoComm show in Orlando.

“Being audio nerds, we knew of Alcons Audio and we were drawn to learning about the engineering behind the pro-ribbon drivers,” explains ProductionOne owner Kiley Butler. “We looked at all the major brands and, until InfoComm, we were thinking of growing the business with other systems. But after visiting the Alcons listening room, any idea of using traditional compression drivers was ruined.

“We love hearing people rave about how beautiful music sounds through them,” he continues. “The power with 90 percent less distortion than other systems creates a clarity unparalleled in professional audio.”

The company decided to invest in both LR18 mid-size and LR16 compact line array systems, with the LR18 inventory quickly put to work in support of Krauss. The LR18 package is joined by Alcons BF362 subwoofers, racks with Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers, and flight cases with specialized I/O panels.

Dave Rahn of Alcons (left) with ProductionOne owner Kiley Butler prior to an Alison Krauss and Union Station show.

“We strongly believe that, once audio engineers hear one of these systems, it will be hard for them to go back to traditional compression drivers,” says Butler. “We joke that Alcons is catnip for audio engineers – when we fire up the systems we don’t have to explain why it’s better than others. Our clients ears can easily hear the difference in clarity.”

Gord Reddy, front of house engineer for Krauss, notes that he’d wanted the opportunity to mix on an Alcons system since the 2018 kd lang tour, which was mixed by Gary Stokes. “Ever since I learned how much more enjoyable and easier it is to mix any style of music on low distortion sound systems, I have been in the pursuit of better solutions,” Reddy says. “Alcons pro-ribbon systems are a game changer. All the little struggles and discontent in mixes that I previously had dramatically changed for the better. As mix engineers, we just don’t realize how much we incorrectly blame ourselves, when it is often speaker distortion that is the problem.”

ProductionOne team has also noted the speed of rigging the Alcons systems, which in turn cuts down on setup time. “The flying and operating performance of the system is clearly next level,” says Kiley concludes. “We have been demoing the systems to our clients and they are excited about using them. At several of the LR18 demos, engineers have remarked on the system’s clarity and how they experienced never before heard detail in tracks that they’ve listened to for years. For us, Alcons pro-ribbon systems are the pinnacle of clarity and they fit perfectly with what we are setting out to accomplish. For those who expect more from an audio system, Alcons is the future.”

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