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Production Industry Vets Found The Clinic | A Roadie Advocacy Group To Support Touring Personnel

Paul and Courtney Klimson set up non-profit agency to provide essential resources to touring pros and their families.
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A historic 1860s building in downtown Niles, MI will soon be the home of The Clinic: A Roadie Advocacy Group, founded by touring industry professionals Paul and Courtney Klimson,

The Clinic is a three-story, multi-faceted space, including five private accommodation lofts, a professional mixing studio, commercial kitchen, conference rooms, offices for in house staff and much more. The venue is set to open its doors in the summer of 2021, offering essential resources on and offsite to touring personnel.

Paul and Courtney Klimson in downtown Niles in front of The Clinic.

The Clinic will function as a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency, offering its facility and services for little to no charge to touring professionals and their families. In an industry with very little resources for roadies, it will offer therapy, education, advocacy, financial guidance, recovery resources, marriage counseling, family resources, suicide prevention tools, women-in-touring services, and temporary housing when available.

To keep The Clinic full circle, the design, demolition and construction is partially executed by touring professionals. “The building came alive when the first roadies arrived to execute demolition. I’m thrilled to continue utilizing crew members in every facet of the industry to complete this project,” says Paul Klimson,

Roadies donating their efforts to making The Clinic come to life.

“Regardless of the challenges road crews face, the show must go on at all costs, and over time, some find the transition to life off the road very difficult,” adds Courtney Klimson, “At The Clinic, we will create and provide resources that will aid in the transition from road life to home life, whether that be a place to stay and decompress, or to utilize one of our varied services.”

The co-founders also note that numerous production industry leaders have been very positive about the project in Niles and are in full support. Greg Beebe, chair of PAMA and director of professional audio at Sennheiser, states, “It appears to be an incredible cause and considering our current reality, I believe their need is greater now than ever before.”

Find out more about The Clinic here.

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