RCF: Sub 9006-AS

By PSW Staff November 29, 2017

USD 7,949.00
More about RCF: Sub 9006-AS
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110 Talmadge Rd.
Edison, New Jersey 08817
P: 732 902 6100 F: 732 902 6105
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The SUB 9006-AS is one of the most powerful 2×18” subwoofers in the field of live sound. Featuring two high-power hyper-vented 18” neodymium woofers with 4.0” inside-outside voice coils, this cabinet delivers a serious amount of low frequencies. Powered by a 7200 W digital amplifier, the SUB 9006-AS can perform in the most demanding situations. It features a four-layer 4″ inside/outside voice coil to minimize power compression and extend the life of this product.

7200 W 142 dB SPL Max 30-400 Hz Frequency Range 2 x 18″ Hyper Ventilation neo Subwoofer DSP Controlled Input Section with selectable presets RDnet remote monitoring and control Delay Control Baltic Birch tour grade cabinet 558x1188x785 mm – 22,0×46,8×30,9 in (HxWxD)

More about RCF: Sub 9006-AS

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