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By PSW Staff December 5, 2017

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In designing the new E Series, Lab.gruppen engineers drew upon the cutting-edge amplifier design philosophies developed for the flagship D Series and PLM Powered Loudspeaker Management systems, evolving these to create new circuit topologies and energy-efficient, low current draw contractor amplifiers designed to meet the demands of 21st century AV installations. The result is an entirely new amplifier platform called IDEEA: IntelliDrive Energy Efficient Amplifier.

The principal design challenge was maintaining Lab.gruppen’s impeccable sonic performance and robust power output while meeting – or exceeding – the rigorous efficiency requirements of Energy Star* certification. The challenge was met on two fronts: reducing current draw during operating cycles with vigorous program material and high output levels, and reducing power consumption during non-operational cycles.


More about MUSIC! | Lab.gruppen: E Series

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