EM Acoustics: HALO-C

By PSW Staff November 29, 2018

The compact, passive HALO-C line array element is the main component of the system – delivering breathtaking sonic detail through the use of its AMT high frequency drive unit and bespoke waveguide. Completely passive, with an output SPL which defies its diminuitive size, HALO-C is what makes the HALO Compact system redefine what is possible from a “compact” line array.

HALO-C contains a 197mm (7.8″) AMT high frequency drive unit on a bespoke waveguide, linked via a signature EM Acoustics passive crossover to a high power neodymium 8″ (203mm) LF drive unit. Exact drive unit placement, coupled with the crossover topology and waveguide design extends the horizontal coverage pattern to below 1kHz. The true plane wave output of the AMT drive unit and waveguide combination yields a precise, well-behaved vertical pattern allowing seamless array integration and minimising destructive interference between adjacent elements.

  • True plane wave output waveguide provides seamless array integration
  • Consistent 95° horizontal dispersion pattern
  • Integral four-point flying system supports up to 24 elements with 10:1 safety factor
  • Premium 12mm and 18mm multi-laminate birch plywood cabinet
  • Perforated steel grille with acoustically transparent fabric backing
  • CASE-HALO-C four element touring flightcase optionally available
  • Black or white textured paint finish
  • Optional weather protection or RAL custom colours


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