EAW: Anya 3-Way Full Range Line Array Module

EAW Anya is a complete, self-contained, high-power sound reinforcement system that adapts all performance parameters electronically, allowing it to be used in virtually any application.

By PSW Staff December 3, 2017

More about EAW: Anya 3-Way Full Range Line Array Module
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Columns of Anya modules hang straight, without any vertical splay, and Resolution 2 software adapts total system performance to produce asymmetrical output that delivers coherent, full-frequency range response across the entire coverage area as defined by the user. It is extremely powerful and immensely scalable, making it suitable for anything from small venues to the largest stadiums.

Each Anya module includes 14x 1-in exit / 35mm voice coil HF compression drivers, 6x 5-in MF cone transducers, arranged in two columns of three and dual 15-in LF cone transducers use Offset Aperture™ loading to increase the spacing of the apparent acoustical centers, extending effective horizontal pattern control well into the LF range.

  • Adaptive Performance™ manages coverage and directivity via Resolution™ 2 software
  • Vastly simplified setup process as compared to typical large-format arrays; uses no vertical splay angles to achieve desired coverage
  • On-board diagnostics and Adaptive Healing continuously monitor and correct performance in real time
  • High-power, full-bandwidth; scalable to all performance types and venue sizes
  • All amplification and processing on-board

More about EAW: Anya 3-Way Full Range Line Array Module

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