Producer Andrew Kingslow Records With Audient ASP880

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Andrew Kingslow has discovered that his Audient ASP880 is even better than he thought.

“Since I got the Audient, I have it hard wired into my live room. Initially I bought it to use as a bank of four stereo pre’s for four of my analogue keyboards, but having heard it on some drums as an experiment, it sounded so good and punchy I just left it in.”

High praise from the mix engineer whose studio credits range from working with Mr Scruff, Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal, to more unexpected projects such as the music composition for Rastamouse, the children’s TV series which follows the antics of a crime-fighting reggae band of mice, which has received much critical acclaim.

“With Rastamouse, it was essentially about having a lot of fun with the music, trying to write music that engaged both the children and the adults; something everyone could listen to in the car without going mad. The producers really got this and basically let me crack on and have fun with it. Production-wise, again its all real (as much as possible): real people playing, recorded live. I really wanted to introduce kids to that soundscape as early as possible,” says Kingslow.

As well as sounding great, the fact that 1U 8-channel Audient mic pre and ADC is so compact is “…a real bonus for me,” adds Kingslow. “I recently moved my studio to Shoreditch and had to save space – the Audient has basically replaced my mixing desk and I don’t miss it at all.”

Despite this enforced downsizing, Kingslow is a self-confessed gear junkie – but, he insists, with very good reason. “I believe if you have a great performer you have a duty to capture them the best way possible, so I set about finding the best versions of classic gear and adding it to my arsenal,” he explains. So the addition of the Audient ASP880 into the mix in his studio is something that he’s very happy with. “They just sound great. Really great value to get eight pres for such a reasonable price.”


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