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Pro Systems AV Deploys L-Acoustics For New Year’s EDM Show In California

Sold-out drive-in concert by DJ Kaskade at the Silverlakes complex in Norco supported with K2 arrays, KS28 subwoofers and more.
DJ Kaskade performing at the Silverlakes with support from Pro Systems AV and L-Acoustics. Photo credit: Drew Ressler/

A New Year’s Eve drive-in concert featuring electronic dance music by DJ Kaskade at the Silverlakes complex in Norco, CA saw San Diego-based Pro Systems AV utilizing a system with L-Acoustics K2 line arrays and additional components for main sound reinforcement.

SilverLakes is best known for attracting sports fans and horse-riding enthusiasts with more than two dozen full-sized soccer fields and five equestrian areas. Selling out its maximum capacity of 700 vehicles, the show opened with sets from J. Worra and Ravell before Kaskade took the stage, wrapping up more than six hours of EDM music in SilverLakes’ concert area known as The BackYard.

Presented by Activated Events, Versa, and Nederlander Concerts, the event also live-streamed via the online ABRACADABRA Festival, which featured Kaskade welcoming the new year with his full two-hour set from 11 pm to 1 am Eastern time.

Photo Credit: Ramon Hernandez

Pro Systems AV supplied and deployed all of the show’s production elements, including the sound system primarily comprised flown main arrays of 12 K2 elements per side, plus 20 KS28 subwoofers ground-stacked in five cardioid pods of four across the face of the stage. Two A15 per side, stacked on scaffolding, served as in fills for the vehicles parked directly in front of the projection screens, while six towers of five Kara and one SB28 provided delay.

Per Kaskade’s rider, on stage was a set of “Texas headphones”—three Kara enclosures strapped down onto a single KS28 on both the left and right sides of the DJ position for monitoring. Five LA-RAK II, each loaded with three LA12X amplified controllers, plus an LA4X provided power for the main PA, outfills, subs, and monitors, while the delay towers were driven by two LA-RAK per row.

Photo Credit: Ramon Hernandez

“Considering the throw distance and SPL required for a huge drive-in show like this, we were at first concerned that we wouldn’t have enough PA; but, as always, our L-Acoustics system performed beyond expectations,” says Pro Systems Production Manager Tom Laveuf, who notes that his company has been part of the L-Acoustics Rental Network since fall of 2017. “The main PA threw approximately 200 feet, and we had our first row of Kara/SB28 towers starting at 180 feet, pushing approximately 140 feet, and another row of Kara/SB28 at 320 feet taking coverage the rest of the way.

“Even though we pushed the system nearly to its limits,” he continues, “it gave us fantastic clarity and intensity throughout the entire audience area, left to right and front to back. Low frequency coverage was plentiful throughout the festival grounds as well, and was clearly extended by the SB28 at the base of each tower.”

A group photo of the Pro Systems AV crew following Kaskade’s NYE concert. Front row (L-R): Brad Donaldson, Noah Lubey, Ramon Hernandez, Zac McPheeters, and Matt Schwartz; Middle row: Johnny Setser, Bryan Burford, Robert Hunter, and Cesar Garcia; Back row: Tom Laveuf, and Patrick Riley. (Photo Creidt: Tom Laveuf)

Pro Systems Lead Audio and Systems Engineer Noah Lubey, who mixed front of house sound for the show, adds, “Soundvision and its Autosolver tools were instrumental to the design of the system, which did exactly what we needed it to do and accurately performed as the software predicted. And the controllability that Network Manager offers allowed us to monitor the PA easily and confirm what we were hearing, making changes to the EQ as the show progressed and atmospheric conditions evolved. It’s tools like this that have given us tremendous confidence in L-Acoustics. Also, with their products in the house, we know there isn’t a single rider out there that we cannot fulfill.”

For more show details, visit Pro Systems AV and Activated Events can be found online at and, respectively.

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