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Pro Sound Effects Releases Submerged Sound Effects Library (Video)

Collection of underwater sounds recorded with a hydrophone harness the unique sonic properties of water.

Pro Sound Effects has released its latest library, Submerged.

Featuring 230 sound effects recorded using a hydrophone (underwater microphone), Submerged is a collection of underwater sounds that enables sound professionals to harness the unique sonic properties of water in any audio project.

Submerged includes uniquely captured sound effects such as underwater fireworks explosions, cyclones, air releases, and cracking ice, as well as fundamental water sounds including bubbling, bubble streams, splashing, rushing/dripping water and an assortment of underwater vocalizations needed for any underwater scene.

Created in collaboration with Colin Hart and Joseph DiMarco of Big Tree Media, the library is designed to provide possibilities for otherworldly sound design with distinct underwater actions and immersive perspectives.

“Hydrophones opened up a whole new world of sonic experiences to us,” says Colin Hart, recordist of Submerged. “This library offers a deep dive into our discoveries packaged as instantly usable sound effects.” As an additional resource to supplement Submerged, Hart has also published an informative guide to hydrophone recording strategies on the PSE Blog entitled “Tips for Recording Underwater Sound Effects with a Hydrophone.

Key features:
—230 hydrophonic recordings in mono & stereo
—24-bit/96kHz broadcast .wav files (1.3GB)
—Descriptive embedded metadata
—100% Royalty-Free
—Download or flash drive delivery (+$40)
—Free Sampler available for download (4 sounds, 45MB)

The Submerged sound effects library is available now at $79 for a one-user lifetime license. A free sampler including four WAV files selected from the library is available for immediate download at the link below.

Pro Sound Effects

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