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Pro Sound Effects Announces Freelancer Program Open Enrollment

Freelance and independent media creators of all types can save up to 60% on libraries & software

Pro Sound Effects has announced open enrollment for its new Freelancer Program through December 31.

PSE has created the Freelancer Program to support freelance sound designers, editors and independent media creators worldwide.

Members get year-round access to savings of up to 60% on what PSE considers to be the best sound effects libraries and software in the industry.

The Hybrid Library, Expansions, iZotope’s RX5, Soundminer and SoundMorph’s Wave Warper are among 14 featured sound effects libraries and software programs currently available to members at up to 60% off.

Application is free and there is no purchase commitment, but open enrollment for the Freelancer Program ends on December 31, 2015.

“In 2012, we introduced the Hybrid Library to support freelancers with affordable access to a big feature, big studio library,” said Douglas Price, founder and president of Pro Sound Effects.

“We’ve now created the Freelancer Program to expand these savings well beyond just the Hybrid Library and curated what we consider to be the most useful and creative tools on the market to help freelancers take their sonic creations to next level.”

—Save up to 60% year-round
—Libraries and software Include: The Hybrid Library, Expansions 1,2,3, RX5 by iZotope (all versions), Soundminer (all versions), Wave Warper by SoundMorph, Online Library Access
—New libraries and software added monthly
—No purchase required
—Open enrollment ends December 31, 2015

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