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Primacoustic is now offering the new PrimaPro Calculator app.

Primacoustic Releases New PrimaPro Calculator Room Treatment Analysis App

Designed to suggest the best-suited acoustic treatment products based on factors such as applications of the space and room dimensions.

Primacoustic has announced the introduction of PrimaPro Calculator, a new app designed to be a step-by-step tool that helps take the guesswork out of acoustic treatment projects.

Factors such as room dimensions, available wall and ceiling space, and the intended application of the space can dictate the proper acoustic panel selection. Previously, this analysis was accomplished with a quote calculator that was only available to Primacoustic’s internal team.

The PrimaPro Calculator app is designed to be easy to use. The user is first prompted to enter a few key details about their space: room type, dimensions, and panel placement (wall, ceiling, or both). The app does the background calculation and the user is presented with a package of acoustic treatment options.

“The PrimaPro Calculator app is aimed at giving customers another tool to make choosing acoustic treatment easy,” said Rob Cooke, managing director for Primacoustic. “This app is as simple to use as it is powerful. It uses precise calculations behind the scenes to generate acoustic treatment recommendations for any space.”

The new app is available here.


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