Primacoustic Debuts New ThunderTile T-Bar Acoustic Ceiling Tiles At 2009 InfoComm

At 2009 Infocomm in Orlando, Primacoustic introduced ThunderTiles, an innovative T-bar ceiling tile that combines the sound absorption advantages of high density glass wool fiber with the sound blocking capability of gypsum board.

Specifically, ThunderTiles feature a 3/4-inch layer of 6-pound per cubic foot high density fiberglass that is coated with fine micromesh facing.

This is finished in Absolute White latex for superior light reflectance. Edges are also treated to fully encapsulate the panel.

The sound absorbing panel is then bonded to a 1/2-inch thick layer of gypsum board, which provides the extra mass to control sound.

According to Primacoustic Product Specialist Jay Porte, “Most folks think that one can stop sound by simply putting up a bunch of acoustic panels on a wall. This can help because it can reduce the reverb and echo inside the room, but if you want to stop sound from escaping, you have to both decouple transmission lines and add mass to the equation. ThunderTiles combine sound absorption with a heavy gypsum backing board, and because the fiberglass also acts like a suspension on the T-bar frame, the backing board is free to resonate like a spring, which both absorbs low frequencies while stopping sound.”

ThunderTiles have been tested to meet the most demanding Class-A requirements and results prove these to be among the safest ceiling tiles available. Applications include boardrooms, medical offices, music schools, home theaters, restaurants, libraries, cafeterias, and other commercial spaces where sound control is required.

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