Primacoustic Broadway 1-inch Broadband Acoustic Panels Now Offer Bevelled Edge Finish

Replaces the square edge previously found on the panels

Primeacoustic 1-inch Broadway Broadband acoustic panels are now offered with a bevelled edge finish. The bevelled finish edge replaces the square edge previously found on the panels.

The thicker 2- and 3-inch panels will continue to be available in either the square edge or bevelled edge finish.

“It was clear from client feedback that the 1-inch panels were most visually appealing with a bevelled edge,” states Primacoustic product specialist Jay Porter. “So we are delivering exactly that.

“Bevel edged panels convey a cleaner, more finished look that seems to enhance the decor in a much more natural and artistic way,” he continues. “This same sentiment is echoed by many designers and architects. And, engineers will be pleased to hear that the new design delivers the same market leading performance that they’ve come to expect from Primacoustic.” 

All Broadway panels are made from 6lb per cubic foot glass wool for balanced absorption throughout the audio listening range. Each panel is fully encapsulated with micromesh and edges are resin hardened to assure safe handling during installation. Panels are then covered in a tough, yet acoustically transparent, fabric and offered in three ‘architecturally neutral’ colors.

Broadway panels are laboratory tested for acoustic performance and Class-A/I fire safety by meeting stringent ASTM-E84 and Can-UL S102 requirements for flame spread and smoke development. This makes Broadway panels safe for use in commercial, government and institutional installations.

The 1-inch panels with bevelled edge are now shipping


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