Powersoft Unveils ArmoniaPlus 2.0 System Control & Management Software Platform

Provides enhanced ways to streamline the design, management and control of installation projects through a series of newly developed tools.
New Powersoft ArmoniaPlus 2.0 at work on an iPad in a corporate meeting space.

New ArmoniaPlus 2.0, the latest update to Powersoft’s software platform, is designed to provide system integrators with additional tools to manage more intricate fixed installation projects through its dedicated Install Skin and several other tools.

Although live sound projects in ArmoníaPlus will maintain the same intuitive structure of the original version, install system project needs are reflected in terms of enhanced sources and zones management, allowing the creation of customizable user interfaces and controls in the software’s new Views Designer.

ArmoníaPlus 2.0 can also now serve as the gateway into the Powersoft world — by registering a copy, users will be able to gain access to the new MyPowersoft online platform through a single sign-in procedure.

Further specifics about the new software:

Powersoft amplifiers are now capable of managing mono, stereo, and multichannel sources and zones. This allows for decentralised system processing that eliminates the need for an external matrix in many applications, and can also reduce the number of cable runs.

Any analog or AES3 signal can be converted into (Audinate) Dante and shared over the network through the Dante Matrix, which is now natively integrated within ArmoníaPlus. Patching between amplifiers and Dante sources is only done when needed, which allows the creation of offline sources.

ArmoníaPlus 2.0 introduces a series of tools aimed at remotely controlling key system functionalities that include zone level control, source selection, and system scene selection.

Passive controls – The WM Level and WM Select can be shared over the network, meaning that a passive wall controller can be connected to one amplifier via GPI and control the parameters of other devices in the same network. WM Level controllers can be configured to adjust the level of an amplifier output, as well as of single or multiple zones. WM Select controllers can be set to work as source selectors for a zone, or configured as scene selectors that allow users to choose from different system configurations with the turn of a knob.

WebViews – The Views Designer makes it possible to create dozens of customisable user interfaces (Views) to control and monitor the functionalities of multiple sources and zones. These can be accessed from any mobile device with a web browser.

Powersoft System Control – It’s a dedicated app that allows users to control their system Views and to load their ArmoníaPlus project designs to the amplifiers and external controls. The app configuration is also done in the new Views Designer.

User Interface
ArmoníaPlus 2.0 also introduces multiple workspaces (to accommodate for the added complexity of FI projects), a synchronization mode (ArmoníaPlus can communicate directly with the amplifiers, allowing users to control and monitor their system), and new Control and Views modes that will let WebViews and App Views users choose how they control their system.

Marc Kocks, business development manager and application engineering manager, says, “We are very proud to be launching a system that allows the user to control a complete audio system from our DSP- and Dante-enabled amplifiers. We have based this new development on the feedback from many system integrators that have already successfully applied our products in various installations around the world. We believe the new features will allow them to be even more successful and competitive.”

New ArmoníaPlus 2.0 will be available for download here on Friday, October 2.. Online webinars for in-depth information and training sessions will be made available here starting on Wednesday, October 7.


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