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Powersoft Launches Revamped Website

Upgrades include the new MyPowersoft, providing registered users with access to ArmoníaPlus software and ProManagerPlus multi-purpose configuration tools as well as a wide range of additional information and functions.
A screenshot of the upgraded Powersoft website.

Powersoft has launched a significantly overhauled website, designed to have a clean new layout and simple navigation structure in order to help users access essential information more quickly and easily while also offering an upgraded presentation of the company’s products and technologies. The new website is also designed to be compatible with all browsers as well as navigated using any mobile devices.

“Through this easy-to-navigate design, users can learn about Powersoft including the services offered,” says Powersoft brand, communication and trade marketing manager Francesco Fanicchi. “It also details the applications the Powersoft’s products are suitable for, as well as providing support material, product guides, tutorials, application examples, and case studies. We hope that this new design will help customers to learn about Powersoft solutions and their relevance to specific applications or market verticals.”

Another aspect of the site is the introduction of MyPowersoft, which will allow registered users to have access to Powersoft ArmoníaPlus software and ProManagerPlus multi-purpose configuration tools without needing multiple accounts and passwords.

“MyPowersoft is not only the simplest way to connect with Powersoft users and partners by providing what’s relevant to them, but it also allows them to gain access to an exclusive set of tools and services,” Fanicchi explains.

With MyPowersoft, users have access to product registration and warranty status check, the Powersharing & Comparison Tools, e-learning and certifications, technical support,product repairs and repair tracking. More services are planned to be added at the beginning of next year. In addition, users who ship their units to any of Powersoft’s 30 globally connected, authorised service centers can check and monitor the status of the repair by logging into MyPowersoft.

The company states that new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, case studies, training courses and corporate information, and is available in Italian, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. Check it out here.


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