Powersoft Introduces DigiMod IK Kit For OEM Active Loudspeaker Development (Video)

Powersoft has introduced the DigiMod IK, a package that consists of three separate, easily assembled elements designed to help OEM manufacturers develop their own lines of active loudspeakers. 

DigiMod IK brings a high degree of scale and flexibility to OEMs and integrators who require Class D amplification technology for loudspeaker applications in professional audio markets.

By separating the DigiMod into three different components (which are easily connected by screws), Powersoft was able to deploy upgrades to each component.

Components consist of an aluminum heatsink plate, a DSP/interface kit and an amplifier module. Improvements include an onboard autoswitch circuit, an upgraded DSP circuit board to include external A/D converters, and a set of gaskets designed to prevent air leakages

The new DSP-D circuit board is also fully compatible with Powersoft’s Armonia Software Suite, which enables remote control and monitoring of the full range of Powersoft products. When using Powersoft’s new Armonia ProManager software in conjunction with the new DigiMod IK kit, OEM manufacturers can integrate a customized, branded layer to their finished product offering — complete with their own brand identity, customized presets and other attributes.

With Armonia ProManager, OEMs can initialize products as proprietary while displaying branding information, the name and serial number of the loudspeaker system, the product name and family as well as product images and brief descriptions. This level of customization and visibility adds another dimension of value for the manufacturer.

“The DigiMod IK helps our OEM partners create a more exclusive and customized product offering, while delivering the quality, performance and reliability our user base expects,” states Matteo Bianchini, account manager of Powersoft. “Now, OEMs and integrators can access a powerful ‘plug ‘n’ play’ solution that leverages the latest innovations in DSP A/D and switching technologies, while extending an OEM’s own branding and product recognition.”

Go here for a detailed workflow and background on how Armonia ProManager can configure an IK combination. 




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