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Powersoft Gains EU Emergency Alarm Certification For Fixed Install Amplifiers

Manufacturer's amplifiers can now be used as part of PAVA systems due to EN 54-16 certification.
Powersoft Amplifiers

Powersoft announced that it has gained certification for its amplifiers to be used in Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) systems according to the European EN 54-16 requirements.

The EN 54-16 certification describes the required testing and performance criteria for a Voice Alarm Control and Indication Equipment (VACIE) for use in alarm systems installed in buildings, where the alarm signal is in the form of a tone, or voice message, or both. The certification now covers the extended range of Powersoft’s fixed install dedicated amplifiers, including the Ottocanali, Quattrocanali, Duecanali, and X Series.

The importance of PAVA systems is recognized as an effective way to produce a timely reaction in most people when using voice guidance in emergency situations as opposed to the response to text and alarm bell information.

With the new certification, businesses can now invest in amplifiers not only as part of an entertainment system, but also as a voice alarm system – such as one used in the event of an emergency or fire. As a result of the certification, Powersoft amplifiers now offer an option for voice alarm system integration in the EU.

“We’re always looking for ways to support our clients, and EN 54 certification is yet another step we are taking to ensure our clients always have the best options open to them,” says Marc Kocks, Powersoft’s business development manager – fixed install – global application engineering manager. “Safety and reliability have always been a top priority to us, and with this certification, we can offer our clients high quality, reliable equipment for their alarm systems.”

While the EN 54 specification covers the EU, local Codes of Practice do need to be taken into account when installing voice alarm systems, as they can differ in expected performance and design criteria, and may require used products to comply with EN 54-16 specification, depending on the size and complexity of a project. Most Codes of Practice allow for deviations from the standard, as long as these deviations are well documented, justified and risk assessed.

“Adding EN 54 certification to our already proven fixed installation product portfolio will allow for easy integration in any EN 54 compliant systems or a system that allows for deviations,” Kocks concludes.

As a result of the certification, Powersoft is presenting training sessions in English and Spanish on Voice Alarm & EN 54, providing information on amplifier features, technologies and usage in voice alarm applications as well as voice alarm systems regulations. Sessions include:

Thursday June 25 at 9 am CEST (English), register here.
Thursday June 25 at 5 pm CEST (English), register here.
Thursday, July 2 at 5 pm CEST (Spanish), register here.


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