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Powersoft Extends Free Warranty To Five Years On All Rack Amplifier Platforms

Offer applies to all customers who register their products for free via the MyPowersoft online portal.

Powersoft has announced a further 12-month warranty on the company’s rack amplifiers for all customers who register their products for free via the MyPowersoft online portal, bringing the total warranty length, including the four years standard warranty, to five years.

As of Monday, February 22, 2021, all customers buying Powersoft amplifiers on or after this date will need to register their products on MyPowersoft within 30 days of purchase to benefit from the extended extra year warranty.

All customers who have previously purchased rack amplifiers prior to this date and are still covered by the standard four years warranty can extend their warranty by a year by registering their product into MyPowersoft by the April 23, 2021.

Iacopo Vannucchi, Powersoft’s customer care and service center manager, states, “In the last year, we’ve all seen and experienced unprecedented struggle within our industry. This is our way of offering a helping hand during these trying times.”

By registering a product to MyPowersoft, users can check their product’s history and current warranty status, and can also benefit from direct technical and commercial support from the company team, as they can request and track their product repairs. Other benefits include access to the Power-Sharing and Comparison tools, examples of Powersoft designs, and webinar session access with Powersoft’s audio experts.

“We want to provide our customers peace of mind that we have their products covered for years from the first day of purchase, and we’re going to continue to do so long term,” Vannucchi concludes. “This extra year brings our product warranty for our rack amplifiers to half a decade, free of charge. This warranty is a testament to the reliability of our amplifiers and the trust we place in them.”

Go here for further information on warranty coverage.


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