Powersoft Extends Duecanali And Quattrocanali Amplifier Ranges

Both models are designed for applications where the channel count is limited and the need to work with Hi-Z and Lo-Z systems is a requirement.
Powersoft Amplifiers
The Powersoft Quattrocanali Series, including the new 8804 DSP+D.

Powersoft has extended two of its fixed install power amplifier ranges with the introduction of the two-channel Duecanali 6404 DSP+D and the four-channel Quattrocanali 8804 DSP+D.

Both products are equipped with (Audinate) Dante digital audio networking architecture and onboard signal processing, as well as being able to deliver a stated 175 volts peak.

With this new extension, the new Duecanali 6404 DSP+D and Quattrocanali 8804 DSP+D series now sit coherently alongside Powersoft’s install-dedicated amplifier platforms, addressing the requirement for small and large size applications where the channel count is limited and the need for a flexible product to work with Hi-Z and Lo-Z systems is a requirement.

The new Duecanali and Quattrocanali models incluede Powersoft’s trademarked switch-mode power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC), Smart Rail Management (SRM) and bridgeable switch mode fixed frequency Class D output circuit topology.

The Duecanali 6404 DSP+D’s DSP is designed to yield extensive system management functionality. In addition to sound shaping and limiter functions, the DSP hardware and ArmoníaPlus software enable compliance with the requirements of sound systems for emergency purposes.

The Duecanali Series, with the new 6494 DSP+D at the bottom.

The Duecanali range is able to drive low impedance loads (2/4/8 ohm) and 70/100-volt distributed lines selectable per channel delivering a stated maximum output power per channel of: 1,800 watts at 8 ohms; 3,200 watts at 4 ohs; 4,600 watts at 2 ohms; 9,200 watts at 4 ohms bridged; 6,400 watts at 8 ohms bridged; 4,000 watts at 100 volts and 3,200 watts at 70 volts.

The series provides status feedback via its front panel LED display or a connected PC running ArmoníaPlus software.

The Quattrocanali 8804 DSP+D implements a high-efficiency, microprocessor-controlled power supply with built-in PFC (Power Factor Correction) that allows worldwide operation with any AC mains voltage in the range 85-275 volts AC tolerant to peak up to 400 volts. The patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology is designed to maximize the efficiency of the system and drastically reduce power consumption at any load and usage condition.

Both of the amplifiers can integrate within a networking environment through standard Cat 5-cabled and Wi-Fi networks. Remote access via the Armonía Plus allows for full operability, including monitoring and diagnostics, from a decentralized location via laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. The customizable interface integrates all devices in one screen.

The range extensions will be shipping in July, and was unveiled this morning during a webinar available for viewing on demand here.


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