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Powersoft Drives System For Jennifer Lopez Concert In Poland For 25,000

80 K Series amplifiers deployed for large-scale PA

For the first-ever concert by Jennifer Lopez in Poland, Gigantsound Letus provided a system driven by Powersoft K Series amplifiers that served an audience of 25,000 at the PGE Arena Stadium in Gdańsk.

“We faced a great acoustic challenge because of the clamshell-shaped stadium,” says Yurek Taborowski, owner of Gigantsound Letus, a leading Polish sound company. “We decided to use 60 Powersoft K10 amps for 110 (JBL) VT4888 cabinets (low, mid, high) and 20 Powersoft K20 amps for 80 (EAW) SB1000 subs.

“About 1 million watts of Powersoft green audio power, fed from two 500 kW generators (including one spare), dramatically affected the sound quality and intelligibility in the huge Gdańsk arena.”

The result of the PA setup impressed by Rick Camp, the front of house engineer of the JLO tour and a live sound veteran whose credits include collaborations with Madonna, Beyoncé, Anita Baker, Chris Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige and Natalie Cole.

“Powersoft amps loaded with Mario Di Cola’s presets made the PA sound amazing. From the fast and punchy response of the K20 amps on the subs to the K10’s warm and very midrange and high end, these amps made the system sound like a million dollars,” states Camp. “It was the world’s best sounding VerTec system I’ve ever mixed. Gigantsound recruits only first-class technicians. With Yurek Taborowski’s leadership, they put together a great sound system for me to mix.”

“This is the perfect example of what we mean with our ‘Refresh Your System’  message,” notes Luca Giorgi, Powresoft pro audio manager. “The project we started for developing high quality presets to be loaded in our K Series amps, in cooperation with Audio Lab Systems’ Mario Di Cola, had exactly the purpose of demonstrating that with our platform we could achieve unexpected sonic performance. We had good reason to believe that we could achieve these results relying on the K Series, high fidelity sound reproduction and the unique features of the K-DSP platform.”

“A special thank you to our historical partner in Poland Yurek Taborowski, who together with a number of other important companies supported this project,” Giorgi adds. “I would also like to thank Rick Camp for having given us the opportunity to prove our Refresh Your System concept; it has been a real pleasure to surprise him in such a positive way.”


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