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Powersoft Drives JBL VerTec Arrays On Latest Elio e Le Storie Tese Concert Tour

Founded in the early 80’s, Elio e Le Storie Tese (which loosely translates to “Elio and the Tense Situations”) is an Italian pop/rock band that evolved from the underground Zappa-esque “Rock demenziale” scene of the late 70’s.

The band’s music is a blend of different genres, where cheeky and often insolent lyrics contrast sharply with complex musical arrangements.

Claudio Scavazza, long-time PA technician for Elio, worked with audio rental company Sonique on the systems approach for the band’s latest tour, highlighted by Powersoft K Series power amplifiers driving Sonique’s JBL VerTec line arrays.

“Up until recently, the system was powered by 20 amplifiers, distributed over six rack cases, weighing a total of 1,358 pounds (616 kg),” Scavazza explains. “Now that Sonique has switched to Powersoft, the whole system can be driven with only 10 amplifiers—six K10 DSP+AESOP and four K3 DSP+AESOP—in a total of two rack cases weighing only 229 pounds (104 kg).

“We are enthusiastic to say the least,” Scavazza continues. “The system is now more powerful, more defined, more compact and 83 percent lighter.”

Scavazza adds, “All of the amplifiers feature the onboard DSP allowing us to process the whole system with Powersoft’s Armonia software. Using presets developed by Mario Di Cola from Audio Lab Systems, I can say without a doubt that I’ve never heard a VerTec system sound this good.

“As well as a marked improvement in the sound quality, the power consumption has been dramatically reduced. For this tour, this means fewer cables and smaller power boxes, however I have worked with Sonique on some permanent installations where reduced electricity bills are a lot more noticeable and appreciated.”


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