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Powersoft Amplifies Upcoming Adriatic Cruise Ship

Latvia-based distributor Audiotehnika deploys Powersoft-based audio system on luxury cruise ship the MS My Wish.
The new MS My Wish luxury ship, equipped with a system driven by Powersoft Mezzo Series amplifiers.

Based in Croatia, the MS My Wish is designed to provide a luxury experience for its 38 guests, offering an onboard restaurant, a large sundeck, a rooftop hot tub, a swimming platform for access to the Adriatic ocean, and an audio system driven by Powersoft amplifiers.

“The Mezzo 324 and Mezzo 604 were perfect for the job,” says Captain Marin Crncic of the MS My Wish. The Mezzo series, available with a two or four channel output, comes in a smaller form factor at just half of a rack unit. All models, which also have built-in DSP, are sealed designs and approved for hidden placement such as mounted above a ceiling or tucked into wall box.

“The ship required an audio system that could be spread over 12 zones and could be adjusted accordingly,” Crncic continues. “One of the most demanding areas is the sun deck, which uses two subwoofers, six ceiling all-weather speakers and two professional two-ways for the jacuzzi, and the Mezzo handles it perfectly. It also simplified the process massively due to the built-in DSP, which helped tune the system.”

The system needed to allow for alternative audio content, accommodating the different zones where audio was required, such as the main saloon, lounge and two rear decks. Audiotehnika chose to go with a Wi-Fi controlled system, meaning that crew members on the ship could monitor the system regardless of location and, if need be, change the audio.

“The speakers can play a variety of audio – CDs, USB and radio – and can be played in each zone independently, which was a key part to the design,” Crncic says. “It allows us to tailor the music to different areas of the ship.”

The audio design also allows for microphone input. In the five main zones of the ship, the crew can plug in a microphone and make announcements or provide tourist information, which makes communicating with the guests on board easier.

The success of the audio system was evident prior to the ship’s use in August. “When we tested the audio, we actually had a number of nearby boats approach and give positive feedback,” Crncic conclude. “So, we know for sure that the system is incredible.”


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