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Power Viruses: The Source of Electronic Influenza & The Cures

Prevention of power viruses is possible only when prevention is systematic

Backdoor Disturbance
This virus (as its name implies) infects your system via a secondary path.

Even though they’re not an AC power connection, things like serial ports, telephone lines, network cabling, and I/O connections can all permit power viruses to invisibly enter a system.

This virus causes driver chip failure and communication errors.

The back door disturbance virus is often unrecognized.

Without treatment, serious damage can occur, and lost productivity can result in substantial financial losses as well.


There’s an old adage that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to power viruses.

We’re familiar with the damage that results from software viruses and we’ve all experienced the debilitating and sometimes deadly results of real life viruses like influenza. We go to great lengths to avoid both.

In our personal lives, we get vaccinations, eat healthy diets and exercise (most of us), shun contact with infected people, and generally avoid living the type of high risk life style that leads to illness.

Where our electronic systems are concerned, we’ve learned to practice “safe computing.” We back up our data regularly; avoid logging onto’ questionable bulletin boards and networks, or sharing data sources (USB, CD-ROM, etc) of unknown origin. We also run anti-virus programs on a routine basis.

It doesn’t require a huge leap of logic to ask, “Why don’t we practice safe computing where power viruses are concerned?”

They have the same potential effect where our systems are concerned. They enter unseen. They can cause damage ranging from annoying to catastrophic. And like most other viruses, prevention is possible if you understand the basics.

There are five simple devices you can use to prevent the equivalent of electronic influenza. All five are required for complete immunity.

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