Point Source Audio Redesigns Intercom Headsets For Added Hygiene & Accessibility To Custom IEMs

Newly upgraded CM-i3 and CM-i5 intercom offer in-earphones that can be quickly detached to clean, swap for personal IEMs or to replace for new users.
Point Source Audio Headset
A Point Source Audio CM-i headset outfitted with the new connector design.

The Point Source Audio CM-i family of in-ear intercom headsets has received a design upgrade — brought to market earlier than initially planned in light of the current health crisis — that adds factors such as detachable earbuds for improved hygiene and accessibility to more easily customize with a user’s custom in-ear monitors.

The upgraded design, now a common feature to both the CM-i3 and CM-i5 headsets, includes a connector common among in-ear monitor manufacturers to allow for quicker changeover should the user choose to personalize their headset with in-ear monitors from brands such as 64 Audio or Ultimate Ears. The new functionality is also intended to benefit rental companies and venues that supply headsets for their techs, to increase the comfort level in sharing in-ear monitors no matter how well they may be cleaned.

“The current global situation has brought hygiene to the front of everybody’s mindset, but in fact, these challenges have always been looming,” says James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. “This design change can help ease the administration process of dispensing personal gear to work crews, especially in regard to reducing the health risks if sharing equipment.

“Customers tell us again and again that they will never go back to their old-style headsets after using a Point Source headset,” he continues. “For anyone who must work in loud environments, or have health concerns about sharing headsets or bulky headsets that weigh too much, our intercom headsets will give them relief from all these problems. Add the ability to switch to your own in-earphones for hygiene and peace of mind, and the CM-i family delivers an unbeatable proposition.”

Point Source Audio

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