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Point Source Audio Opens “MIKE’s Academy” To Support Safe Miking Amid Business & School Reopenings

New hub offers best practices in microphone cleaning and sanitation as well as guidance on self-miking techniques under social distancing requirements.

Point Source Audio has opened the doors to MIKE’s Academy, a new area of the company website with a focus on microphone cleaning and self-miking techniques to support production teams and onstage talent in achieving high standards for cleanliness as well as navigating social distancing protocols while miking. Check it out here.

The “Safe Miking” and “Self-Miking” resources include video tutorials as well as downloadable guides that utilizing a graphic approach as a visual reminder to practice safe mic handling. “As the world starts to get back to work, we want professionals to have every trust in our products and know that this will be something that they don’t need to worry about,” explsins Point Source Audio market development manager Mac Johnson. “We can genuinely say that all of our miniature body mics can be fully sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol from the boom to the cable, and even to the element for waterproof models.”

MIKE’s Academy will grow into a hub for Point Source Audio educational resources, serving as a repository to help users learn how to “Mic like MIKE.” It’s planned that a raft of educational content will be uploaded over the coming weeks, with videos, infographics, and articles added regularly to serve to highlight best practices and share simple yet effective tips and techniques.

“We want every user to get the most out of their Point Source Audio microphones, and MIKE’s Academy is another great way that we can achieve that,” says Yvonne Ho, Vice President, sales & marketing at Point Source Audio. “Our focus has always been adding value for our users, not only with our revolutionary microphones and headsets but also with the service levels we provide behind them. MIKE’s Academy will serve as another resource to aid with this.”

Go here to check out MIKE’s Academy.

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