Point Source Audio Introduces CO2 Confidence Collection Microphones

New dual element headset, earmount and lavalier styles offer built-in redundancy, IP 57 waterproof rating and locking X-Connectors.

Point Source Audio announces the patent-pending, dual element CO2 Confidence Collection microphones offering built-in redundancy and slimline design. These models integrate IP 57 waterproof rating and a headset boom bendable to 360° for durability. The CO2 Confidence Collection microphones for broadcast and production begin shipping February 4.

“Our development team also originated a design such that the back-up mic practically disappears from view,” says Yvonne Ho, Point Source Audio’s vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Double mic’ing can be heavy lifting when it comes to the cabling and their clutter; that’s why our CO2 Confidence Collection is specifically intended to ease the workload of many A2’s and sound engineers working in live mic applications.

“We released our first dual element mics in 2017 and now we’ve added other popular styles to the collection—our development team also originated a design such that the back-up mic practically disappears from view. The new form factor pairs our smallest elements at roughly 3mm each to create a dual mic’ing system that is barely detectable.”

The CO2 Confidence Collection comes in three styles: headset, lavalier, and in Point Source Audio’s patented EMBRACE embodiment. The mics’ new petite form factor is based on the company’s existing omnidirectional single element microphones of 3mm—and that are all waterproof. The backup element is fashioned to the existing mic in tandem and where the independent and continuous wire paths are integrated into a singular wire jacket giving audio technicians a clean alternative to cumbersome cable dressing. The mic cable splits approximately nine inches above connection to the body-packs to allow ample room for separation of the transmitters.

The CO2 Confidence mics utilize the same waterproof elements that have helped audio teams power through many challenging stage conditions from water, sweat, makeup and even (fake) blood-soaked stage actors in productions ranging from Sweeney Todd to Singin’ in the Rain to Monsoon Wedding.

Cyril Auclair, assistant and front of house mixer at Paris’ Théâtre du Châtelet, sums up his experience with Point Source Audio’s waterproof mics in Singin’ in the Rain this way: “We are happy with the product because after 110 shows and a lot of water the mic is perfect.”

The Confidence microphones feature precisely matched elements to a near identical ±0.5 dB difference with elements that are factory matched in frequency and sensitivity. All the dual element omnidirectional microphones come with SERIES8’s features and specifications for backward compatibility.

All SERIES8 microphones feature interchangeable X-Connectors to quickly change the microphone wireless termination from one brand to another. Both ends of the screw-on X-Connector now have locking “teeth” to give added confidence to the connection.

The CO2 Confidence Collection are offered in headset (CO2-8WD), lavalier (CO2-8WLp) and earmount (EO2-8WL) styles in beige, brown and black color starting at $825 (US) through Point Source Audio authorized resellers and distributors worldwide (prices may vary).

Point Source Audio

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