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PMI Audio Announces Acquisition Of Trident Audio Dev Company

After long negotiations, PMI Audio Group has announced its acquisition of the original Trident Audio Developments Company.

The company has purchased all of the trademark rights, intellectual property rights, goodwill and assets of Trident Audio Developments from David Stocks, who acquired the company from Relyon after it was sold by Malcolm Toft.

“We’re delighted that Trident Audio Developments will be back in the market with its original designer, Malcolm Toft, and we look forward to many new, exciting products,” states Alan Hyatt, President, PMI Audio Group. “There is only one original Trident Audio Development and for this reason, it was decided to purchase the company to provide the market with even more high-quality products.”

In 1972, under the direction of Malcolm Toft and Barry Porter, the company took its name from Trident Recording Studios in London.

At that time Trident Studios was one of the most famous independent recording studios in the world. Because it was the first 8-track studio in Europe, it was chosen by The Beatles to record their top selling single “Hey Jude”.

“Trident has always enjoyed a very high reputation for its products both from a reliability as well as technical point of view,” states designer Malcolm Toft. “Because of its origins, it also has a very good understanding of the operational and ergonomic aspects of recording consoles together with an ability to design equipment that on critical listening tests is very pleasing to the ear.”

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