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Plugin Alliance Announces “accusonus drumatom” Drum Leakage Suppression Tool (Includes Video)

First microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings

Plugin Alliance has announced the availability of accusonus drumatom, a microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings.

As a 64-bit standalone application for Mac (OS X 10.6.0 and later) and PC (Windows XP, 7, or 8), accusonus drumatom duly represents the first non-plug-in product to be released by Plugin Alliance.

As the world’s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings, it identifies the close microphone sound and reduces microphone leakage, cleverly combining progressive principals of acoustics, signal processing, psychoacoustics, and music theory using patent-pending A3 (Advanced Audio Analysis) technology by Greek Plugin Alliance partner company accusonus.

Users can keep their original drum sounds intact, protecting the timbre and micro-dynamics without messing with ghost notes and off-beat elements. Fruther, enhanced dynamic range and significantly improved drum mix headroom allows accusonus drumatom users to tweak those original sounds to suit while maintaining clarity and definition throughout.

The application’s enhanced audio outputs enable effects to be creatively applied to original drum sounds without any leakage-imposed limitations; likewise, by eliminating the comb filtering effect generated from time-domain misalignment between different drum microphones, the timbre of cymbals and overhead mics are drastically improved with more punch and improved transient definition meaning better-sounding drums.

The new tool also duly removes leakage from close microphones, noticeably improving stereo imaging of overheads and cymbals, also allowing advanced multi-channel mixes.

Itelligent processing allows accusonus drumatom to quickly clean up drum sounds so drum replacement software like SPL DrumXchanger will detect the correct hits much more accurately, although it radically reduces the need to excessively rely on drum replacement tools. This means that users are able to finally produce personalized drum sounds with complete clarity, differentiating their productions from other recordings, rather than relying on the same generic drum sample libraries.

While the algorithm fuelling accusonus drumatom’s driving wheels of change are complex, its creators conversely went to great lengths to ensure a simple, intuitive user interface, effectively distilling it down to two simple knobs — FOCUS (to control the amount of leakage suppression) and FINE TUNE (to fine-tune the result by dialling it back in).

Launch accusonus drumatom and it’s simply a case of loading the drum channel recording files to be worked on (by dragging and dropping them onto the GUI itself or using the menu option) and naming the GROUP. Individual drum types should appear in the adjacent TRACKS list automatically in most cases, otherwise each drum type can easily be selected from the associated drop-down menu if needed.

Next, click on the ANALYZE GROUP button — processing takes around 1.5 times the track’s duration, then individually “focus” each of the drum TRACKS in the TRACKS list using the FOCUS and FINE TUNE knobs. Finally, click on the EXPORT GROUP button to export the processed recordings.

accusonus drumatom can be purchased and downloaded directly from Plugin Alliance—here—for $399 USD.




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