PKN Controls Ltd Announces XE Series Amplifiers

PKN Controls Ltd. has announced the introduction of the XE Series professional amplifiers at PLASA 2010.

Designed for portable and fixed installations, the XE Series includes the XE2500, XE4000, XE6000 models.

The PKNC XE Series construction is based upon the latest in high frequency energy conversion technology, making these solid state devices extremely reliable.

All models within the newly announced XE line feature graphic LCD displays and two JOG dials to easily manipulate system parameters. 

The devices include internal web servers for remote access via either internet browser (JAVA based), or with PKNC control software. 

Additionally, embedded microcontrollers protect the amplifier against any kind of damage in real-world applications, maintaining the functionality of amplifier.

• High output power and high efficiency                                      
• Advanced high frequency switching technology
• Small size, low weight, ideal for touring applications
• Networkable amplifier over standard Ethernet
• AMPControl software and JAVA based control
• All functions can be accessible by remote
• Graphics LCD for easy setup and diagnostics
• Two JOG button for fast navigating
• Digital volume and input sensitivity control
• Built-in programmable limiter
• Output Peak and average Voltage,Current measuring
• Displays actual load impedance
• Embedded web server for set&view parameters by a web browser
• Five user profiles
• Intelligent protective functions
• High frequency resonant power supply with active PFC function
• Wide mains voltage operation range


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