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PK Sound: Trinity 10

Trinity 10 is the first mid sized, three-dimensionally controlled sound system that is configured remotely, capable of focusing sound exactly where it is intended. The robotic line array provides a completely new set of tools that equips advanced users with unparalleled control over the vertical and horizontal polar directivity of the array. Using PK’s Kontrol™ loudspeaker management software coupled with electronic actuators housed in each module, engineers are equipped to make adjustments to the line array remotely and instantly.

  • 3-Dimensional Sound Field Control:     Advance Robotic line array enables remote control of the horizontal and vertical directivity of the array. Using Kontrol™ software, linked with electrically actuated systems inside each module, audio engineers are equipped with the tools needed to make adjustments to the directivity of the line array in 3D, remotely and instantly.
  • Auto Align Rigging: Auto align rigging, efficient cable interconnects that travels with the system. Electronically Actuated Horizontal Rigging allows for reduced time and labor, increased safety.
  • Headroom: 3000w Class D amplifier maximizes power while ensuring perfect clarity, ensures amplifier and components operate well below distortion limits.
  • Long Throw: Trinity’s horizontally actuated horn flares, coupled with patent pending Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) wave guide has the unique ability to focus high frequency energ, allows even coverage over long distances, to the back of the audience, increases efficiency and enhances long throw capability.
  • Smooth & Controlled Dispersion: The Coherent Midrange Integrator seamlessly combines mid and high frequencies coupled with precisely spaced low frequency apertures. This allows for every audience member to hear the same high quality sound no matter their location.
  • Precise Control of the Sound Field:   Electrically actuated systems inside each module allow continuous horizontal adjustment between 60 – 120 degrees with 10° resolution and continuous vertical adjustment from 0-12° with 0.1° resolution. Allows adjustment of the sound field with high accuracy.
  • Remotely Focus the Sound Field:   Using our Kontrol™ loudspeaker management software, Trinity empowers users to focus the sound, reducing spill into adjacent zones and directing sound away from reflective surfaces. This drastically reduces the noise floor and increases sound quality without sacrificing SPL in the audience area.
  • Weatherproof : Weather resistant amplifier plate and IP65 cables & connectors, Users don’t have to worry about rain, or protective measures.


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