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PK SOUND Delivers For “Road Rage” Drive-In Concert In Portland

Trinity robotic line source loudspeakers and Gravity subwoofers deployed in support of five bands playing live at the Portland International Raceway in Oregon.
PK SOUND loudspeakers and subwoofers staged and ready to go into place in support of Road Rage in Portland. Photo courtesy of Detox Nightlife

This previous April, Treadway Events and Detox Nightlife paired a talent lineup and quality production technologies package – including a Trinity robotic line source system from PK SOUND – for the “Road Rage” Drive-In Concert at Portland (Oregon) International Raceway.

“This was actually the first concert Detox Nightlife and Treadway Events has ever produced, so we needed to form a great relationship with our community and attendees from the start,” notes Brandon Treadway, President & Creative Director of Treadway Events, which specializes in themed entertainment and experiential activations for brands. “To create a name for ourselves and blow away our attendees’ expectations, we knew we needed to go with the flagship system from PK SOUND. Plus, Trinity’s ability to prevent unwanted noise from spilling into surrounding areas made it an even easier decision.”

Photo courtesy of Detox Nightlife.

Organizers tapped freelancer Benny Sanchez as the Audio Contractor and Production Manager for the show, which saw performers on stage that included Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Downlink, Truth, Megalodon, and Stylust. Sanchez explains that in a series of advance meetings, Portland city officials made it clear that noise pollution was one of their biggest concerns.

“Thanks to Trinity’s robotic multi-axis coverage, we were able to show them EASE models on how we could achieve a safe and compliant show level that let our patrons feel the full impact of the system while keeping the neighbours happy,” he says. “Beyond that, I can’t stress how incredible it is to have these tools and be able to adjust the system in real-time if there are any changes in weather or crowd dynamics.”

The deployment included main arrays of 15 Trinity robotic line source elements per side, delay arrays of six T10 medium-format robotic elements per side, and three additional T10s lining the stage as front fills. Low-frequency support came courtesy of 30 PK SOUND Gravity 218 subwoofers in a unique configuration tailored to the event.

“Because of the drive-in layout, we had more space in between the stage and first row of cars, allowing us to deploy the subs in a triple end-fire configuration and achieve the 1,200-foot throw we needed,” Sanchez explains, noting the difference of just a few dB between the front and back of the audience area.

The complement of PK equipment came from St. Louis, MO’s Logic Systems Sound & Lighting, which also sent System Tech Ben Schulte and Audio Technician Nathan Hagan to work the event alongside Sanchez and his frequent collaborator, Shane Thomas of Signal Bath Audio. The site was divided into four tiered sections with a very comfortable distance between each parked vehicle. Visitors were screened as they entered, and a team of qualified medical professionals was onsite.

“Overall, the system blew our team’s and our guests’ expectations out of the water, and there’s no good reason we wouldn’t want to continue working with PK SOUND as we grow,” Treadway concludes. “The combination of talented and skilled crew, amazing sound by PK, and over-the-top production made Portland’s first drive-in EDM show a great success.”


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