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PK SOUND Appoints James Oliver As Chief Strategy Officer

Charting company's strategic direction for business development, marketing, and communications, as well as assisting the management team on overall corporate objectives, and more.
James Oliver, new Chief Strategy Officer at PK SOUND.

PK SOUND has announced the appointment of James Oliver as Chief Strategy Officer, tasked with charting the company’s strategic direction for business development, marketing, and communications, as well as assisting the management team in the formulation of overall corporate objectives and advising on all matters related to the brand.

Reporting directly to Founder and CEO Jeremy Bridge, Oliver has also joined the company’s ownership group. He comes to PK SOUND following a seven-year tenure with Adamson Systems Engineering, most recently as Director of Marketing and Sales.

“Joining PK was the easiest transition of my career,” says Oliver. “The culture of the organization and technological advancements of the product line are completely in tune with the live events industry of tomorrow. The potential I inherit from the PK SOUND brand is incredible, and whatever comes next for the organization is a testament to the foundation that’s been laid before me.

“I’ve joined at a time when there are many questions in front of the live events industry; questions like, when will we go back to work? When will we be able to share life again with our peers? When can we feel the rush of an artist hitting the stage, and the swell of excitement within a large crowd of people?” he continues. “While we cannot control the outcome of this virus, we can control how we prepare for what’s next. This is a moment in our history where we can double down our efforts, ramp up innovation, and come back better than before.

“Over the past year, we have piloted a significant strategic shift in the organization to capitalize on our technological advantages and reimagined the relationship between the service provider and manufacturer. The industry will be different when we return, and we intend to be at the forefront of this change.”

Founder/CEO Bridge adds, “Throughout 2020, we refocused our teams and made significant investments in infrastructure, research and development, and strategy in preparation for a major push towards our goal of PK SOUND becoming a top global brand in the professional loudspeaker space. As we reemerge post-pandemic, PK will be a leader in reimagining a more collaborative and mutually beneficial pro audio industry. James adds a key element to our already-deep talent pool and will execute our strategy to reshape the future of sound. We’re excited to welcome him to the PK SOUND family.”


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