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Pioneer Pro Audio XY Series Loudspeakers Deployed At Electronic Daisy Carnival 2018

Introduction at NAMM leads to EDC debut of XY-3B three-way and XY-2 mid-high loudspeakers with XY-218HS subwoofers sat the stereoBLOOM stage.

Designed to deliver natural audio at the high sound pressure level required for large venues and outdoor events, Pioneer Pro Audio announces that the XY-3B three-way full range loudspeakers were featured at the stereoBLOOM stage along with a few other XY series products at this year’s Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas.

The partnership with EDC came about when director of stage production at Insomniac Events, Ian Gotts, invited the Pioneer DJ team to feature the loudspeakers at the EDC stereoBLOOM stage after viewing them during their debut at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show earlier this year.

The stereoBLOOM stage curates a wide array of established and emerging talent on a brand-new stage that brings a club atmosphere to the heart of the desert.

stereoBLOOM featured Pioneer Pro Audio’s XY-3B three-way box along with the XY-218HS matching subwoofers. Additionally, the stage featured the XY-2 mid-high loudspeakers which handles nearfield application and the XY-3B three-way full range speakers with front loaded XY-218S subwoofers serving as the DJ monitor rig. With over 200,000 watts of amplification provided by a rack of Powersoft X8’s, it was the first time a rig this large was deployed.

Ayre Productions handled the overall production of stereoBLOOM with companies KM Productions and ATI supplying the delay loudspeakers. To bring this setup to life, loudspeaker boxes from several production companies were needed to pull it all together.

In addition to the stereoBLOOM stage, Insomniac had also sought a partner for its new 3,000 capacity campground EDC Pool Party. Due to Pioneer Pro Audio’s success at outfitting the National Hotel pool party at Miami Music Week, Pioneer Pro Audio could provide quality sound for festival goers on the EDC campground as well. Sonus Systems and ATI will be in charge of outfitting the EDC camp pool party with XY-3B loudspeakers, XY-218HS and XY loudspeakers.

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