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JBL VTX A-Series arrays and VTX B18 subwoofers flown in the auditorium at the Gateway Theater in Singapore.

Performance Spaces At Gateway Theater In Singapore Revamped With JBL Professional

Integrator Electronics & Engineering deploys VTX A-Series line arrays in venue's large auditorium as well as CBT1000 column loudspeakers and extensions in the sky garden space, both driven by Crown amplifiers.

The performances spaces at the Gateway Theater in Singapore, including a 922-seat auditorium and a 100-seat sky garden, have received a sonic makeover with new sound reinforcement systems headed by JBL Professional loudspeakers driven by Crown amplification in a project by integration firm Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E).

The auditorum is equipped with VTX A-Series line arrays paired with the extended low end of VTX B18 subwoofers. Additionally, the team installed an array of VRX928LA loudspeakers for the theater’s frontfill.

Meanwhile, the sky garden received CBT1000 column loudspeakers and CBT1000E extensions for improved vertical coverage. When connected, the combined pair is designed to provide increased bass response, pattern control, and sound output levels. Audio power is supplied by Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers incorporating the brand’s patented Class-I technology.

“Sound is a key element in a staged production. In our theatre and art spaces, it plays a critical role in defining the mood of any performance,” says Boon Bing, technical manager of Gateway Theatre. “We are pleased that E&E was able to understand that and deliver expert advice and recommendations with JBL’s product range. At Gateway Theatre, we strive to provide consistently stunning world-class sound, elevating performances here through our carefully calibrated audio system and bringing immersive experiences to our audiences.”

“Having been involved in the original installation, we are pleased to be back to update the speaker system in the various venues to better meet the needs of Gateway Theatre and their clients,” adds Gary Goh, CEO, E&E. “We are hugely grateful for the trust that the management of Gateway Theater have placed in us over the years, paving the way for these improvements.”

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